We Are Just Starting

There it was to greet us. Emblazoned on the first wall we’d see as we entered into our campus apartments in Vodnjan, Croatia, at Infobip Headquarters where we would all spend the next weeks as part of onboarding academy.

Four simple words, yet filled with an incredible message, so much so that it was the message our leadership chose to send to the moon when given the opportunity.

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Down with the Evil Checklist

  • Can you tell me what you’re looking to solve?
  • How soon are you trying to have something in place?
  • Have you ever bought anything like this before?
  • What tools are you using right now?
  • How much are you expecting to spend?
  • Are you the decision maker?
  • What are your expected volumes or users?

If you’ve ever been in sales, or had a salesperson reach out to you, you have likely met the evil checklist before.

The evil checklist does not care whatsoever about you. The evil checklist does not care about the salesperson. The evil checklist must be answered before you get any of the information that you wanted to receive. The evil checklist….is evil.

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ARC through the Objection

It was an average, run of the mill evening in my family home. I checked the clock, 7:00pm, it was time to start putting the kids to bed (an arduous task in most households).

It’s our youngest son we put to bed latest, because he’s the most rambunctious and if we can get his sister to sleep first than the rest generally falls into place smoothly.

“Ok Ava, time to get ready for bed”, I called out.

My daughter looked across at me sternly and delivered one of her firmest objections yet.

“Daddy, I’m older than my brother so I should go to bed later than him”

“She’s improving”, I thought to myself, before realizing this was suddenly a negotiation and as someone who has made their career in sales I am already embarrassed to admit how many of these I lose to a two and a four year old. I respond with the ARC.

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Be the 51%

Am I being 51% right now? Something I ask myself regularly.

The question may seem a little strange, but this is a question that I use, to remind myself that I am ultimately accountable for all that is taking place in my life.

Much of the time we expect this perfect harmony and balance in our lives. We cling onto these fantasies and fallacies of fairness. This sense that our relationships are 50/50.

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Never Waste a First Impression

The saying goes a little something like this: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Powerful. It really is. One chance to lay the foundation for the future, and in some cases a future that may not exist should you fail miserably in your first impression.

So why is this so often missed in our approach to new prospects or new customers and how can we take the necessary steps to never waste the incredibly gift that a first impression is.

Read on and I’ll share with you my four pillars of nailing the first impression. A critical function for any Salesperson, Customer Success team members or most professionals for that matter.

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