Be the 51%

Am I being 51% right now? Something I ask myself regularly.

The question may seem a little strange, but this is a question that I use, to remind myself that I am ultimately accountable for all that is taking place in my life.

Much of the time we expect this perfect harmony and balance in our lives. We cling onto these fantasies and fallacies of fairness. This sense that our relationships are 50/50.

If I put in work, my employer will promote me. I’m an employee, so my boss should know what it is that motivates me. I called my friend last week, it’s his turn to call me this time. My partner isn’t loving enough. My family just doesn’t seem to understand me. Countless other examples come to mind but all of these, all of them, fantasies of a 50/50 world.

Because I’m here, I’ll be met in this space, and if ‘the other’ does not meet me, then it’s their fault, because I was here, I was ready.

I’ve been here. Many times. In fact here isn’t where I thought it was at all, here was actually just this safe space I could retreat to when I didn’t want to take ownership or be accountable. Here was this cradle of cowardice, hidden from reality while cloaked in expectation. Here was the 49%, or even less for that matter.

You see, the 51% is the hand that reaches across the table instead of waiting for the hand to be extended first. The 51% is me expressing my needs to my boss so that my boss understands how he/she can best serve me as a leader and in return I can serve. 51% isn’t anything more than a reminder that things aren’t always what we make them up to be in our heads and the 51% is ultimate just a simple question.

Am I being the 51% right now?

Am I accountable to myself. Am I retreating into safety, or will I step forward into the light and push this situation in the direction that I wish it was heading.

I never, ever, I can’t stress that enough, I never want to be in a position where my success, freedom or happiness is in the hands of someone else who doesn’t have the same vision that I do. If I set goals for myself, and those goals involve other people to reach, I AM the one who will build the plan to get there and if others aren’t putting in the time and energy I need, I AM the one who will have the courage to follow-up, to ask for next steps, to understand why, or to find new partners in my mission.

The 51% is our opportunity to make the change we desire to see in our lives happen and to put in the work to ensure the outcome we wish to achieve, is achieved. I hope none of us will miss this opportunity because beyond the 51% is ownership and accountability and it’s all the freedom we need to begin reaching our goals.

Let’s just all be the 51%.

3 Replies to “Be the 51%”

  1. Why stop at 49% or 50% when you can reach another 1% to achieve 51% and get closer to your goal?

    It’s quite challenging and require a lot of determination in the society nowadays to commit for a task or responsibility.

    During Covid 19 pandemic period, I reflected , thinking solution and action on a lot of thing which included what can I done better to win my projects if I could put in 51% to understand my clients business needs,pain points and etc. As a sales person, we have to be always giving a trust to our clients, building relationship . Hard sales is no longer useful if you are talking to people full of knowledge or skills. We have to think out of the box and do not stop learning in every single thing that we are committed. We should doing extra % to make the things works.

    If by doing extra 1% to reach 51% may lead to succeed on everything in our life, why not we do it 51% or more?

  2. Always go an extra mile. By that 1 extra step, you might achieve unexpected result, even if you don’t, you do not regret any bit because you can always tell yourself that you have done more than what it takes for normal situation. If you can turn things into a favorable situation by taking 1 extra step, why not? It worths everything when you look back one day.

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