Chase Potential. Shed Expectations.

A thought crossed my mind tonight and I chased it down through the hallways of my sometimes maze-like-mind. When I caught up to it I realized that it was in fact a beautiful feeling. That’s because the thought introduced itself to me as potential, and then it was off running again.

I stopped, breathed deep, smiled, and there I stood for a moment simply laughing to myself,
what a beautiful feeling to be chasing your potential, to be dreaming, and to have desires.

It’s that potential we all set out to catch up with before life happens. Before we take this
baggage, this suitcase of experience if you will, and we handcuff it to our wrists.

Suddenly another character appears in the distance and it fights for our attention.
“Chase me!” it shouts as it runs alongside potential.

Except this isn’t potential, this is expectation and if we choose to chase it rather than potential it will lead only to add weight to our baggage. Where potential is to be chased, expectations are to be met, and when they are not…we blame.

We blame circumstance, we blame people, we blame ourselves but we’re simply just off course and racing down a dark street to get away from unmet expectations because it just doesn’t feel all that nice. We blame, and then because we blame we become a victim.

The victim tows the heaviest baggage. The victim can’t catch potential. The victim seeks more expectations to be met, and when they are not…he blames. It’s an endless cycle for the victim and potential gets further and further away, and the baggage gets heavier, and heavier until finally we give up.

If only the victim had seen the wheels that lay right in front of him that would make this
baggage so much lighter again. These are wheels of accountability and responsibility. It’s as simple as being willing to accept that our successes and failures are entirely ours and that if we blame others for our expectations not being met then we can’t grow.

You see it’s almost as if each time we chase expectation and catch it, we realize it wasn’t what we wanted, it simply will not live up to the excitement of it’s chase. After failing to be satisfied by catching up to our expectations, many of us just stop chasing altogether.

Chase your potential, and you’ll leave your expectations behind.

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