It’s Simple, Just Be Human

“It’s simple, just be human”

I’ve been saying this phrase ove rand over again over the past few months, but I’ve never really put its meaning to paper.

Easy for me to say to the new salesperson at the office, Liv, when she comes to me with a challenge she’s having. Also easy to wallpaper my desktop at work with the phrase, and add red font colour to the ‘just be human’ part for dramatic effect.  It’s really easy to say, but is it all that easy to articulate? It’s quite a loaded statement isn’t it?

We all would define ‘being human’ in our own unique way.  I could ask Liv to
define it for me, I could give you my definition, you’re probably exploring your
own right now as you read this. 

That’s the point.

When we’re true to ourselves, when we’re authentic, when we’re being who we
believe we are, when we’re honest, or when we’re vulnerable, we’re simply
being human.  It should be very simple, but so often we want to overcomplicate
things with hypotheticals, or what if’s.

How many times have you looked squarely at the answer to your challenge,
knowing full well what you need to do but you can’t do it?  You begin to
paralyze yourself from taking action with concerns over this or that.  Eventually,
anxiety builds to the point where it’s easy to walk away, or compromise your
own values and dignity.

We’ve all done it.  We let others win because we let the noise in rather than
simply being human.

Simply taking the path we know is right.  Simply staying true to our own
values.  Simply refusing to let what if’s stand in the way of ‘what about right
now’.  Simply making the decision that though this conversation won’t be easy,
it will be worth it.

Why do so many of us shy away from the passionate conversation?  The one
that makes our voices uneasy, crack with emotion, and sometimes illicit goose
bumps or even tears.  The one that makes you so damn proud of yourself each
and every time you do draw upon the courage to have.  The one that allows
you and your relationships to grow to new heights. 

Take a stand today, and remind yourself when you start calculating all the what
if’s or reasons not to do something, or say something you know you should, to
simply be human.