Employee Life-cycle: First Impressions

It had been just over a month since we first began talking, everything seemed to align, and I was incredibly excited to start the job.  I had been doing my research on the industry, the organization, the products and was anticipating meeting my new colleagues.

When I arrived at the office, I was early, of course I was early, it was my first day and I couldn’t wait to get started.  So, I waited.  I waited, and I waited.  New colleagues arrived to start their day, carefully glancing my direction while trying to determine who the bright-eyed new employee was.  I wanted to jump from my seat and greet them all, but I restrained myself as to not look too eager.  I waited, and I waited. 

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It’s Simple, Just Be Human

“It’s simple, just be human”

I’ve been saying this phrase ove rand over again over the past few months, but I’ve never really put its meaning to paper.

Easy for me to say to the new salesperson at the office, Liv, when she comes to me with a challenge she’s having. Also easy to wallpaper my desktop at work with the phrase, and add red font colour to the ‘just be human’ part for dramatic effect.  It’s really easy to say, but is it all that easy to articulate? It’s quite a loaded statement isn’t it?

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Brainstorm Survivor

I’ve had the opportunity in my life and career to take part in a good number of brainstorming sessions, many of which included groups of 10 or more people in a room with the sole intention of generating ideas (or so we thought).

Brainstorming in its purest form, is simply the challenge of coming up with as many ideas particular to a given topic/challenge. Nothing more, nothing less. A great session could go on for hours; in fact there are some teams who participate in multi-day off sites purely dedicated to brainstorming ideas. On the other-hand, a poor one can end before it even begins.

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