We Are Just Starting

There it was to greet us. Emblazoned on the first wall we’d see as we entered into our campus apartments in Vodnjan, Croatia, at Infobip Headquarters where we would all spend the next weeks as part of onboarding academy.

Four simple words, yet filled with an incredible message, so much so that it was the message our leadership chose to send to the moon when given the opportunity.

“We Are Just Starting”

So fitting for a group of new team members as we begin our careers with Infobip. Little did I know that this phrase would become so much more to me over the coming 7 months.

Ask any ‘bipper’ (the name given to our community of team members) what this just means to them, and you’re likely to illicit a definition unique to the individual. For some, this is reflect the moment in their career, for others a reflection of our companies ‘learning by doing’ mantra in which all that we are doing is simply the an opportunity towards progress.

For me, ‘We Are Just Starting’ is a mantra that is filled with optimism, hope, opportunity and potential. A statement that proclaims that there is so much more to come. A reminder to put in the work.

When things are going well, ‘We Are Just Starting’ is a reminder that there is still so much more that can be accomplished. A reflection that allows me and the team members to take proud in what we have done so far, but be mindful that we are only at the tip of the iceberg of all that is possible for us as individuals and as a team.

Conversely, when we’re facing challenges as a team, ‘We Are Just Starting’ gives us a moment of pause to remind and reflect. Perhaps providing permission to step out of the perception of failure and instead a recognition of pure potential ahead.

It always feels like there is so much going on, or that the expectations are so high, but if you pause and reconsider the moment that you’re in right now is only the beginning, it can be quite uplifting. Suddenly you aren’t in the fog, or falling behind in a non-existent race, you’re just starting.

The start line is often filled with excitement, hopes and dreams, belief that you have what it takes.

Whenever something isn’t going well, or you wish things were different, tell yourself that you’re just getting started and see how that simple perspective change gives you some freedom to focus on the future rather than the burden you may be feeling today.

I’m so appreciative of Infobip for not only sharing this mantra, but also living it in every way. It is a privilege to work in an organization that spans so many cultures as well as to work along side over 2000 diverse and unique colleagues. Every one of us ‘bippers’ has the opportunity to contribute each and everyday, across all facets of the company, because there is radical recognition that we are in fact just starting. This statement has threaded itself throughout the entire company and is a lived value of the team members. Because of this, each of us has opportunity, in fact, we are encouraged to provide feedback and present ideas that have the potential to change the fabric of the organization for years to come.

I remain as excited to be a part of Infobip as I was on my first day, and this excitement truly is because – We Are Just Starting.